Established in the year 1979, PAWAN ENTERPRISE, the manufacturer of ready to wear apparels based in Jaipur, the pink city of India, puts its know-how and experience at the service of brands and designers of clothing, With great flexibility on quantities, while offering quality work, the company specializes in the manufacture of clothing for all in warp and weft and hand-knitted mesh, medium high-end and high-end.
We fully adapt to the demands and requirements of brands and contractors: we can thus offer our simple tailoring services or offer finished products in accordance with specifications thanks to a network of many partners around the world. With a view to sustainable development, we want to sell apparels whose lifespan exceeds the standard.


At PAWAN ENTERPRISE, we offer luxurious, exquisite and eco-friendly fabrics. We are working to create an idea of high-quality fashion, in contrast to the concept of fast fashion which is now very developed in the area. The fashionable clothes produced are based on a new and original trend concept, which is reflected in the new brand. Research is also an integral part of this process, which allows us to offer its customers a range of clothing that is perfect for all style ideas.
We don't talk about eco-sustainability just because it's fashionable. Ours is not greenwashing, but a serious, transparent and tangible commitment. We use materials that have now reached the end of their life cycle, which instead of being disposed of in landfills, are recovered and regenerated through a complex physicochemical breakdown process.

What our Clients Say

Our Vision

Pawan Enterprises aims to offer quality manufacturing in Jaipur, satisfying all the needs of its customers in a fast fashion. The company philosophy aims to create a brand capable of reaching a specific audience: retail or wholesale sellers who are always looking for products of excellent quality, both in fabrics and in the attention to detail, but also in terms of the ordering and delivery service offered to them.

Our Mission

To provide all our family customers with trendy clothing adapted to their lifestyle, personality, and budget.

The mission of our company can be summed up in three words: uniqueness, accessibility, and trend. This is the goal we have set for ourselves: to offer unique creations, ready-to-wear clothes, for the whole family, in the very latest fashion, outside of major centers. We want to offer a variety of services (stylist, fashion designer, sewing, etc.), personalized and adapted to each of our clients. Our philosophy is to put customers at the center of our priorities and thus to meet their needs through our services.


  • Respect for the client
  • Body diversity
  • Attention to detail
  • Aesthetics
  • Client satisfaction
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Listen
  • Community involvement