Competitive Textile Manufacturing

To make our place today in the textile sector, Pawan Enterprises put all the chances on our side, stand out through originality and quality and the technicality of products.

High-quality machines
Pawan Enterprises, therefore, ensure quality and produce very technically advanced parts. To achieve quality, we have competent staff. Also, we invest in equipment of the best quality. We have high-performance industrial sewing machines such as TMCs, electronic embroiderers, ironing equipment, textile cutting, etc.
We allow you to manufacture large quantities of products serenely. Our machines allow us to make products of high quality and high technicality; they must therefore offer you foolproof precision!
Style and Quality
In order to guarantee the efficiency of our teams, Pawan Enterprises provide them with professional, high-performance, resistant and precise machines. The result will meet your expectations: you will get quality products, clothes that are both more beautiful aesthetically, but also much more durable and this is what makes the difference compared to our competitors.
Preparations for the production stages of the product
We plan in advance the production stages of products to utilise our resources. as The shape and properties of a garment also require very specific sewing techniques, Only we, assisted by our technical advisers, are able to know the manufacturing secrets of our products and choose the most suitable equipment for their qualitative and precise design.
Means to succeed in textiles
To cope up with realities of the competitive textile market and to monitor its good management, Pawan Enterprises invest in good material and offer quality products.

Some of the machines extensively used in the production process are as follows:

  1. 700 single needle lock stick UBT Machine
  2. 100 Four Thread / Five Thread machines.
  3. 10 Flat Machines
  4. Kaj Buttons and Bartuck Machines, Optitek CAD
  5. Fully Integrated ERP Systems.
  6. 5 Needle Detector Machines
  7. 2 Fusing Machines
  8. 8 Kansoi Machines
  9. 50 Stream Iron Machines
  10. Fabric Checking Machines
  11. Thread Sucking Machines
  12. Fully Integrated Machines

Our specialty in Manufacturing Unit:

  1. 12 Needle Numetic Chain Stick for Trouser Belt
  2. 4 Needle Shirt Front Placket attaching machines
  3. 12 Feed Off The Arm Machines
  4. 2 Autogic Machines for Making Collar & Cuffs.
  5. Pocket Creshing Machines
  6. Numetic Collar Turning & Pressing Machines
  7. Hydraulic Power Cutting Machines
  8. Numetic Studs attaching Machines